Why we do what we do

Individuals of all ages with special needs and disabilities from many backgrounds are not receiving the specialized therapies they need in a timely manner or as long as they need them to receive the infinite benefit possible. Having a disability straps family resources in multiple ways and at every income level.

For a variety of reasons, often those with disabilities have neglected health issues. Early diagnosis of any disorder is essential for best possible outcomes with specialized therapies. In Texas, the waiting [interest] list for some Medicaid Waiver programs is up to eleven years long. Third party payers limit coverage. The prevalence of children with special needs and disabilities is increasing. Necessary specialized therapies may not continue through life or diagnosis changes. Medicaid Waiver programs are mutually classylaxcarservice.com website and do not provide comprehensive coverage. There are not enough community-based locations and opportunities for those with disabilities to practice what they learn in therapy.

Project Infinity is a nonprofit organization founded by Brooke Cortez, MSW, NMT, MT-BC and Leticia Gonzalez, CTRS co-owners of Imagine Therapies in October 2014. In their capacity as professional therapists at work in the community they identified a profound need for specialized therapies for all ages. Joined by fellow therapists and involved community members they identified a group and individual therapy program to meet that need.